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Why Malican

Experienced and Friendly

How Malls Run Campaigns Today

Premium Shoppers do not Participate

Participation in campaigns is no less than a torture. For your high-end customers queuing up to participate is not feasible. Typically, bottom feeders participate in these campaigns.

Value of Data Gathered is ZERO

Malls end up gathering data in hand written format and then move this data to Excel sheets. The accuracy of this data and value is practically ZERO. The data entry mechanisms are not stringent. Secondly, the data is not maintained across multiple campaigns.

Very Low Participation Rates

As the barrier to participate is so high; typically:

  1. Queue up for customer service
  2. Get the forms to fill in
  3. Borrow a pen to fill in the forms
  4. Then drop the forms in a box

Most of your premium decide not to go through this user journey.

Spend Again to Attract same footfall

Since, Malls do not gather data on their existing foot fall; according to studies; 40% of your marketing budget is spent attracting the same foot fall. Why do that when you can reach them in their pocket.

With Malican; Things change radically


One time registration for customers. Easy to retrieve credenttials. Customers can participate from the comfort of their home, office or while driving back from the mall

Shopping Mall

Shopping malls get immense benefit for running multiple campaigns at the same time for different categories. The collected data is stored and analyzed for data driven decisions.

For Tenants

Talk to Mall Management to find out about the Mall Visitors matching your most valuable customer segment. Get a campaign going to attract Mall visitors to your brand.

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