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Campaign Types

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Guaranteed Winner

Everyone gets something out from pariticpation

Know who is coming to invite only events at the mall. Lets your visitors pre-register.

Retailers can add their availability for appointments. These are typically service oriented retailers like Beauty Saloon, Clinic etc. Your visitors can book the appointments directly.

This campaign type is typically shop for 500 get 50 Mall Voucher. There is no need to pre-screen all invoices. Once a person comes to claim the prize; just confirm if the invoices are genuine.

Draw Campaigns

Do a Draw to choose the Winners

Setup a campaign where users get vouchers based on their spend. At the end of the Campaign; Mall management does the draw to select the Winners. Uploaded invoices are double checked and winner is confirmed.

Mall can do a longer term campaign where a smaller is selected for every week and then a Mega prize is drawn at the end of the campaign.

If there are multiple malls under the same group; a multi-mall campaign is configured. Where winners can be chosen from each mall and mega raffle includes participants from all malls.

National day or Ramadan ? You can do hourly draws in the Mall to generate excitement.

Want to have more winners for smaller prizes ? Just select the number of prizes and do the draw.

Want to promote a given category in your Mall ? Just do a campaign specific to that category. Or add acceleration to earn vouchers for particular category.

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