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Slide Shopping Mall Automation Campaign Management | Best Practices | Deep Data Analysis World's most popular Campaign Management Solution for Shopping Malls.
On average eCommerce has 180 Data points for their customers; currently Shopping
Malls are not Data Driven. Once, you know your customer then you can tailor your
Shopping Information

Know the spending trend of your shopper. Know your best shoppers. Footfall is old school; what matters now is who is spending in the mall.


Why advertise to the same footfall for every campaign. Deliver emails, SMS notifications directly through the system.

Progressive Persona

Want to know which car visitors drive ? How many kids they have ? Use our advanced persona engine to slowly build a full profile

Catchment Area

Want to know where your customers live ? Work ? Use Malican to accurately know your catchment area

The future of Shopping Mall

Become Shopping Mall of Choice. Using the analytics and deploying the right strategies can positively impact Shopping Mall revenue by 20%

Money Back Guarantee

Cloud Based | Ready to Roll | Tested in the Field

We have taken clients live in as little as 15 Days. We provide 60 days money-back guarantee. Lets get started. You can not possible go wrong with us. There is no catch. So far; we have never had a cancellation in our lifetime.

Planning a campaign that we do not have in our system yet ? Just let us know 60 days in advance and we will be happy to build it free of cost.

Slide Secret to Success is knowing your customer eCommerce knows 180 Datapoints.
With Malican know everything
about your customer

Shopping Mall is Only as Successful as its Tenants

Self Serve Portal | Tenant Uploads | Approval Workflows

Promote Services

Valet Parking for high spenders. Maybe a free haircut for children in collaboration with one of your tenants. Get the right footfall in the Mall

Category Campaigns

Want to promote back to school ? or furniture ? or only high end stores ? With Malican, you can build categories and classifications of your stores.

Tenant Offers

Help your tenants get more exposure by letting them promote themselves to your customers. Make your campaign a profit center.

Tenant DAM

A Digital Asset Library for your Tenants to put their offers and promotions. Use the library to update your website as well.


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